CBC Music: Best New Music Videos of November

This is pretty damn cool. CBC Music named ‘Hey, Allison’ as one of November’s best new music videos. Validation that getting paint thrown at our faces for 2 hours was totally worth it.

Here’s the link: http://music.cbc.ca/#!/blogs/2014/12/Kinnie-Starr-Owen-Pallett-Bahamas-and-more-best-new-music-videos

echo nebraska - best new music videos


First Shows Announcement

Our band is officially kicking off today, so now’s the perfect time to announce our couple of gigs.

Thursday, November 20 – The Railway Club w/ Mausiki & 2 Days & Counting
Tuesday, November 25 – Belmont Bar The MIX monthly event

We also have a TV gig! On November 26, we’re going to be appearing on The Via Mia TV Show on Shaw TV. We’ll chat with Mia, and play a tune. The episode will air in late-December.

For tickets and show information, please visit our Shows page.