Bursting on to the Canadian music scene in the fall of 2014 with the release of a music video for their first single, ‘Hey, Allison’, Vancouver’s Echo Nebraska quickly gained a reputation of combining soul strung acoustic songs and subtle shades of Americana. Within a week of launching the band, CBC Music added the video to their list of Best New Music Videos for November 2014.

The band grew out of an organic, creative setting that turned into something bigger than they had intended. Vocalist Devan Christodoulou was recording an album with a different band, when he met audio engineer and guitarist, Andy Schichter.

“I was writing other songs outside the band that were closer to my roots.” says Devan. “My father played guitar and sang and as a child, I was always surrounded by the music of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young. When I met Andy, I showed him some of those songs.”

Andy invited Devan over to his home studio to record demos, which ended up becoming the groundwork for Echo Nebraska. After heading into the studio to record their debut EP, Send the Ships, they recruited drummer Mike Lauder, violinist Carly Frey, and bassist Dan Ponich to round out the lineup.

Grayowl Point wrote of Send the Ships that, “Christodoulou’s vocals are filled with richness and complimented by the backing vocals he and Schichter are so fond of.” While The Permanent Rain Press wrote, “Echo Nebraska has crafted a release as bright and aesthetically pleasing as its cover art.”

Send the Ships has charted highly on numerous campus stations across Canada, reaching a high of #3 on CJSF.



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“Built upon a dynamic folk rock foundation, Echo Nebraska has crafted a release as bright and aesthetically pleasing as its cover art.”
– Natalie Hoy, The Permanent Rain Press

“Echo Nebraska has an uncanny ability to use instruments traditionally associated with country or folk music and seamlessly blend them into their own brand of soul-infused indie rock, with a flare for memorable pop hooks.”
– Alex Young, Lithium Magazine

“Lead vocalist Devan Christodoulou brings a unique style to the show. The diversity in his voice takes the audience to new places as we travel with him through happiness and hardships. This band is as good on stage as they are in the studio, with a rousing live performance that would be a shame to skip.”
Jennifer WilTRU Omega

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